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Welding wire
 Welding wire

Stainless steel welding wires are vitally important materials, which are widely used for various industries, such as shipbuilding, chemical plants, power stations, petroleum refining, automobile, and so on.

The selection of the most suitable welding consumable is essential for proper welding fo stainless steel and/or dissimilar metal. Theweldability and the stability of the weld metal are very important factors in determining the most proper alloy to be used.

Our stainless steel welding wire has been used in many different fields for years. The consistent quality and excellent feedability of our wire has been particularly beneficial to the customers,who have recently used the automatic welding equipment. At the same time, we have been enjoying very good reputation due to the high welding  efficiency.

For MIG wire, TIG wire, submerged Arc welding wire and eletrode core wire, we can offer you almost all grades at any size in the forms of mill coils, spool or cut length as customer


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